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Everything We Know About YouTube Gaming

Everything We Know About YouTube Gaming

Today, YouTube announces YouTube Gaming division. This is the long awaited upgrade to YouTube’s live streaming and chatting experience. We are banking on most of these upgrades being heavily influenced by @Fwiz and his video gaming sphere of influence.

The below is the story line as it unfolded on Twitter this afternoon via the official @YouTubeGaming account:

A new player has entered the game. Introducing YouTube Gaming. Level up. Our brand-new user experience puts games front and center, including live gaming. We’re available on the web, mobile and tablet on both Android and iOS, so you’ll never miss an update. View content in three ways: through Games, Feed, and Channels. Good shelf organization and naming will create a killer channel in the YouTube Gaming App. In My Games, you can tell the App which games you are really into and get more relevant recommendations.

The officially recognized reaction via an @YouTubeGaming Twitter “Favorite” from the public is this GIF posted as a reply by Twitter user @ScottLowe. This confirms our theory that Ryan “Fwiz” Wyatt (@Fwiz) is in complete control of the @YouTubeGaming Twitter account.:

Note from Bruno:


I’ve been excited about Fwiz’s take over of YouTube gaming since day one. He is a dedicated worker at whatever he sets his mind to. I’ve seen nothing but complete success from him in the past and continue to expect nothing less from him in the future. I will be streaming on YouTube again soon as promised back in 2013 when I announced that I was leaving YouTube until the chat was fixed. Thanks Fwiz for listening to the community and implementing a great change in our original favorite gaming entertainment venue. Great change takes time and I’m sure it was waiting for release after the mobile apps were fixed. I hope to also see creators get a share of mobile advertisement revenue in the future as well. Hugs and whiskey – Bruno.


Then @OpticNadeshot (Matt Haag), who just recently retired from “Optic Gaming” as the world’s most popular professional Call of Duty player, tweeted this picture out saying: “Look where I am 👀 “


The official series of tweets from @YouTubeGaming:

Then, in a surprise turn of events @Fwiz turns over @YouTubeGaming to long time friend and past owner of Optic Gaming: @opticJ. His confirmation:

We’d like to congratulate OpticJ on his position as the @YouTubeGaming official Community Manager!

Finally they announced this link to be the official resource until later. and this is the link to subscribe to be notified of further information via email:

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