'Money Drop' Viral Action Video

Money Drop – Viral Action Video by True Mobster


I have been watching the action videos that TrueMobster (Jay Rainsley) has been producing and releasing on YouTube for years. He deserves a subscription from any live action film fanatic just because you two will be instant friends in the comments section.

His video’s never lack in special effects, plot, antagonists, protagonists, violence, wit, or costumes and props.

That is why I am presenting True Mobster as the Gold Standard creator of the month award for June, 2015.

Please take a moment to watch and like Jay’s latest video in an effort to congratulate him for the years worth of effort he has put into entertaining thousands of people around the world out of his own pocket.

If you like his work leave a comment on the video and don’t forget to tell him that Bruno sent you! ,)

If you watch YouTube on a regular basis and think you’ve found some amazing content that should be considered for the Gold Standard Award, then please let us know by sharing the video with some supporting comments on our submission forum.

Gold Standard Video Award
Gold Standard Video Award
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