Overwatch Weapons In Virtual Reality (VR)!

In this video, Unit Lost, experiences some of Overwatch’s finest weapons in first person virtual reality. Lucky for us, we have YouTube, and we get to live vicariously through him. Thanks for sharing mate! Specifically he shows off Tracer’s dual energy pistols and McCree’s revolver and D.Va’s light gun.

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“Overwatch VR Test. Overwatch is Blizzard’s IP. I am not affiliated with Blizzard. This was made for the HTC Vive. Grab and hold using the grip buttons, fire using the trigger. Reaper’s guns can be pulled from under your head. You can teleport using the touchpad. All of this was pretty rushed, so there’s flaws like McCree’s Peacekeeper not being able to reload. Sorry :| Reaper and McCree weapons ripped by Rexx Art Tracer and D.Va weapons from the Steam Workshop (by Sedimentary Socks)” via HTML_EARTH – developer of this program.

Virtual Reality is here. And, judging by my own personal reaction and this guy’s nerd out, we can safely say, VR is here to stay! Try not to smile and be jealous while watching this video.

I expect that we can hear much more about Virtual Reality and its early implementations at upcoming E3, which can be watched in all it’s glory on YouTube’s greatest creation yet, the YouTube Gaming App (I would say its YouTube Capture, but it’s only available on iOS, so Booo!).

In addition to VR, I also expect to see more about drone footage and 360 viewing camera and recording.

We can only hope for more on the Microsoft Hololens this E3 as well.

What technology and games are you looking forward to hearing about the most this year?

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