Sony Jumpstarts Mobile Gaming Division

PokEmon Go causing Sony to aggressively pursue Mobile Gaming

Sony has been watching Nintendo’s success with the immensely popular Pokemon Go App. Sony Chief Executive Kaz Hiarai said that Sony will be “Aggressively getting into” mobile gaming. He should have said, again.

Hiarari told the Financial Times at the IFA consumer electronics expo in Berlin that “It’s quite a shift from being just a console-based business to being on mobile phones as well.”

This marks another console maker to reluctantly pursue the platform of mobile gaming. Nintendo had also been resistant for years, before Miitomo, and now Pokemon Go this year. It should be noted, however, that Nintendo is part owner of the company that made Pokemon Go. Also the Pokemon Go Plus device that they made to go with the app, has yet to hit shelves.

Sony in the past has had a handheld device called the PlayStation Portable and even an Xperia smartphone line. It seems that Sony will use the Apps, not to make money, but to sell more consoles and games with them. Sony even tried cross platform development using it’s Vita handheld and Android games, and announced it would leave mobile gaming in 2015.

Sony established ForwardWorks Corporation in March of 2016, which will make apps based on PlayStation games, and characters.

As someone who has played PlayStation Games since the PS1, I am looking forward to seeing what Sony has in store for us mobile gamers.

Sources: SCEI Press Release

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