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Microsoft Surface Studio

surfacestudioThe new Microsoft Surface Studio built to immerse the creator into the experience. The screen is so thin made with a forged aluminum closure. A 28″ monitor and is the Thinnest 12.5 mm LCD ever created. 13.5 million pixels more than a 4k tv. Doesn’t pixelate no matter how close or far away you are from the display. 99% better color than any other monitor. Uses TrueColor and DCI-P3. 3:4 ratio and 192 PPI.

1 inch on the screen is 1 inch in real life for MS Word and office products. Allowing you to see what you create in perfect sense and true scale.

1 Cable comes out of the back.

Device is made with an i7 processor, GeForce 980M card, 32GB of RAM, and a 2TB hybrid drive. and xbox one wireless controller transponder. Built in microphone array for use with Cortana from anywhere in the room. Studio HD camera built in for easy video conferencing.

The circular control device called the Surface Dial and pen work together on the screen to provide more options for creation and design. The screen folds down to be a draft table. 13 pound display feels weightless as it moves because of the special design of the arms holding the screen up.


Release date: 12/15/2016

Price: $2,999.00 – $4199.00


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