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Microsoft News

Windows 10 Creators Update coming early 2017 to all Windows 10 users for free.

Empowering everyone to be a 3D creator.

Scanning 3D objects with mobile device camera to create 3D structure.

MS Paint gets a free update to Paint 3D. It keeps all the great options of the Paint App we grew up using and adds 3D creation tools.

Input the 3D structure into Paint 3D. REMIX3D.com allows Minecraft creations to be exported directly and shared to this community to be used by all. Also allows SketchUp imports. In turn, you can import any 3D image from Remix3D.com to the new Paint 3D app. Sticker tool allows manipulating any 2D image into a 3D image. Can use paintbrush tools directly on 3D images. Share your MS Paint 3D images directly to social media.

Powerpoint allows 3D objects and easy animation of the objects between slides using built in transitions.

Hololens allows taking your 3D creations and put them right in the room for you to walk around and inspect in real life mixed reality. Inspect products in mixed reality before you purchase them. For instance, take couches and chairs and other items and place them in your home or office before purchasing to see if it’s the right fit.

Virtual Reality shared spaces allow you to create your own world and experience other’s worlds. Also through apps can go explore 360 degree videos on the web. For instance you can tour Rome with Holotour.

Most of the VR devices start at $299.99.


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