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The amazing game, The Wolf Among Us, will be free on XBOXOne in April. Also, Sunset Overdrive, will be given out later in the month to current generation console owners. Xbox 360 owners (and Xbox One players via backwards compatibility) will gain access to Saints Row IV and Dead Space in April.

We have added the games release dates to our events calendar for your notification pleasure.

On April 1st, The Wolf Among Us for XBOX One will be available until the 30th of April, and XBOX360 players will receive Dead Space until the 15th of April.

On April 16th, Sunset Overdrive will be available on XBOXOne until the 15th of May, and XBOX360 players will receive Saints Row IV until the 30th of April.

alexandelytraIn other news, Bruno’s Realm Minecraft server is now hosting a week long flight challenge for all players. It is a gliding competition found in the warps travel menu under the mini games section. Many have streamed and failed. But a few have succeeded, many times. Here is the current leaderboards.

We launched a few new platforms this month for gamers to help them organize and fight in a common direction. Please visit our parent site for gamers for more information if you would like to know more about that type of stuff.

Have a question burning your skull inside out? Ask Bruno and let him figure it out for you. A new feature of Team Bruno Solutions.

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