Adeline Riding On A Bronze Lion at the Greenville Zoo.

Ava & Adelines First Zoo Trip

It was the first 80 degree day of 2015 in western North Carolina (WNC). I have no idea why we thought going to South Carolina was a good idea.

Really though, Ava had her first school field trip. Ava wanted to take her first school bus ride. So, Ashley and I chaperoned and we brought Adeline down with us in the Land Rover and met them down at the zoo. We wanted to bring Bridget but the Greenville Zoo website said dogs were only allowed on the recreation grounds (which surrounds the zoo) and not on the zoo property itself. We had to get a doggy sitter.

Adeline was a little bored at times, but she really enjoyed quite a lot of the day. She will be turning 4 next month so she is starting to blossom socially. Ava was glued to her school friends. They were in a group they called the “Butterfly Girls”. We were the official Butterfly chaperones. The classes from the school came down in separate buses and arrived at different times. This worked out and the lines went smoothly. Ashley and I had to pay as well as for Adeline. Ava was paid for via her field trip which we had paid months ago. There was a very nice playground out side the grounds with great big tents and buildings for shade.

Ava’s favorite animal was the giraffe and Adeline’s was the monkey. I am still uncertain how I feel about zoos in general. I guess I look at these animals as lost or dead without the zoo so I can sleep peacefully. One day I will ask the girls how they feel about the zoo holding the animals and see what they say.

The day went without incident and we checked Ava out from her class to go home. We needed to get the girls to their dentist appointment. Getting a kid’s dentist appointment in Asheville is difficult. Sometimes you have to wait 3 to 6 months. We didn’t want to chance being late.

Nothing was stolen from our vehicle and it was left undamaged in the free parking area. Also, the Land Rover hasn’t been leaking water after I shut it off. I haven’t been running the heater either because it has been warming up. I am certain my water pump is busted. But, we made the entire trip with no problems and the truck burned 10 gallons of fuel for 168 miles. Not bad considering it averages about 9.7 around town.

Photos from the trip to the Greenville zoo: