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No Man’s Sky Patch 1.08 is Live

Sean Murray’s No Man’s Sky Gets Patched

No Man’s Sky gets a patch numbered 1.08. There seems to be zero communication from the developer about what was patched. This game studio is so disorganized and out of the loop when it comes to modern game releases. AAA game titles have community managers who collect information from the developers and release that information to their players via channels of social media.

This is just another example of an overpriced game. Hire some people Sean, it’s absurd.

We had to dig through Reddit and other places to find information on what “seems” to be different from previous patch to now.

This what we found:

  • the game no longer freezes after saving a location.
  • opening galaxy loading screen is much smoother than before.
  • this patch really smoothed out the edges it seems.
  • reports that space combat has been changed.
    • the lock-on feature has been┬áchanged so that locking on is more difficult now.
  • reports that way points have disappeared.
  • noticed an improvements regarding:
    • lens flares
    • weather (storm) effects
  • new puzzles in the transmission towers.

If you have found other changes please list them in the comments below and we will update the list as we can. We also heard their are new bugs from this patch.

We heard that the galaxy map is no longer working correctly so that you can’t advance to the galactic core.

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