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1.11 Minecraft Features Announced

1.11 Minecraft Update News

We got some minecraft 1.11 news from MineCon today. While no set date on the release of 1.11, the snapshot is expected to go live wednesday, September 28th, 2016. Here is a list of additions, that are coming to 1.11. The information comes from MineCon, so there are no concrete sources, besides what players learned at the convention.


  • Has ‘fang attack’
  • Summons a stream of fangs coming out of the floor, damaging mobs.
  • Has own sounds.
  • Spawns “vexes” described below.
  • Spawn in Woodland Mansions.
  • Drops Totem of Undying


  • Has an iron axe in one of their hands
  • Hostile toward player
  • Has own sounds
  • Spawn in Woodland Mansions


  • Small, flying mobs.
  • Hostile towards the player.
  • Can fly through walls (noclip)
  • Has own sounds.

Spawn in Woodland Mansions


  • Spawn naturally
  • Passive Mob.
  • Spit their llama goo on wolves.
  • Can be ridden.
  • Instead of a saddle can be equipped a carpet of any color
  • Like donkeys can be equipped a chest
  • Has 6 slots
  • Has own sounds.
  • When a lead is put on, surrounding llamas in a small radius will be attracted and try form a caravan behind the leaded llama.
  • Have multiple tinted skins.

Librarian villager:

  • New career, Cartographer.
  • Sells maps, compasses, and Ocean and Woodland treasure maps.


  • Observer block
  • Ported from Windows 10 Edition/Pocket Edition versions
  • May behave have slight behavior differences due to different redstone systems in Java edition compared to Pocket Edition

Shulker Box:

  • Crafted using a chest in the middle with 2 Shulker Shells, one above and one on the bottom of it.
  • Can be placed down and has 27 slots.
    When destroyed, does not drop contents, but stores them in the block item, just like backpacks.
  • Can not be placed in each other.
  • Can be used with hoppers, droppers and dispensers, just like any other item.
  • A dispenser will place the shulker box on the ground
    Break into item form when pushed with a piston.
  • When opened, the top will spin up, similar to a Shulker opening.
  • Will show it’s contents when hovered over in the inventory
  • Will show up to 5 slots


Shulker Shells:

  • Drop from Shulkers
  • Can be combined with Chests to craft Shulker Boxes
    Totem of Undying.
  • Dropped by Evokers
  • Will save your life when you receive a killing blow, while holding it in either hand.
  • Gives regeneration and absorption for a couple of seconds.
  • Shows a ‘particle’ just like the curse from an elder guardian.
  • Golden ankh like animation whenever the item is consumed.

Treasure Maps:

  • Just like a map, except will show terrain outlines and a specific structure with treasure.
  • Only Ocean and Woodland maps are confirmed
  • Ocean maps have a blue tint on the item
  • Woodland maps have a brown tint on the item
  • When exploring, it will fill in the outlines.
  • Can be bought from cartographers.
  • The locator dot on the map will be smaller the farther away you are


  • Return Portals
  • Look like end gateways, but teleport you to the main island’s spawn platform, instead of outwards to the outer islands.
  • Generate randomly throughout the end


  • Woodland Mansion
  • Generates naturally in forests.
  • Spawns 3 new mobs.
  • Evoker
  • Vindicator
  • Vex
  • Can be found with a Woodland Exploration Map.
  • Consists mostly out of wood.
  • Curse Enchantments
  • Basically Enchantments, but instead of a positive effect, carry a negative effect.
    Curse of Vanishing
  • Items with this Curse will vanish upon death, instead of drop, regardless of the gamerule keepInventory.
  • Curse of Binding
    Items with this Curse will stay on your player until they break, they cannot be removed manually.
  • Death will make you drop this item.
  • Locate Command
    syntax: /locate <StructureType> [x y z OR selector] Locates the nearest structure, like EndCity or NetherFortress.
    It will start the search at what the “x y z” or selector was set to
    When finding structures similar to “temple” structures, it cannot differentiate between types. So you may get a desert or a jungle temple, for example
    Pushes coordinates in chat for the executor of the command.
    Will display “y” coordinates as (y?) for some structures

We will keep you updated on any more 1.11 news we hear.

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Pokémon Go Plus Finally To Be Released

Pokémon Go Plus Finally Releasing Next Week

Nintendo announced Thursday, That the Pokémon Go Plus will launch September 16th. The device connects via Bluetooth to your compatible device. The LED lights will flash when a Pokémon is near, and lets the player catch the Pokémon without having to open the app up on your device.

No price was mentioned Thursday, but Nintendo mentioned back at E3 in June that the device would cost 35 dollars. This announcement comes shortly after the big Apple Watch announcement. I am excited to try it. 35 dollars is a lot cheaper then the Apple Watch. However with all the features the apple watch had for the app, it got me hopeful that maybe an android version will come out on an android watches. Some android watches retail for half the cost of the apple watch.

Would anyone be interested in seeing us review the Pokémon Go Plus? I plan to be picking one up to try myself.

Sources: Nintendo

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The New Sony PlayStation 4

PlayStation 4 Pro, and PlayStation 4 Slim Announced

Sony held a press conference of their own Wednesday to a packed house. Sony announced not only one new PlayStation 4, but two. PlayStation’s Project Neo is now officially called PlayStation 4 Pro. The PlayStation 4 Pro will launch November 10th at the cost of 399. Which is great considering with updated hardware, Sony could have charged more.

The PlayStation 4 Pro will be able to output games in 4K. The Pro will also include a 1TB hard drive. The pro will be able to play other PlayStation 4 games, and even HDR video thanks to the upgraded GPU. Mark Cerny, the man behind the PS4 said YouTube, and Netflix are currently developing apps just for the PlayStation 4 Pro, while pointing out that the PlayStation VR experience would be ramped up with the Pro, allowing for more detail, Higher frame rates, and other improvements.

The other PlayStation 4 announced was a new slimmer model. The PlayStation 4 Slim will come with a 500gb hard drive, and a new price of 299. The new slim option is only .5 inches more narrow, and .75 inches shorter. Sony has removed the power, and eject invisible touch zones, and replaced with actual buttons. These buttons had been angering fans since the PS4 launch. The new slim model will launch September 15, 2016.

Sony seemed to impress today, and is probably looking at a very successful holiday season. I have held out on buying the PS4 personally because I tend to do most of my gaming on the pc. However, with the 299 price tag, I will finally purchase one.

Sources: Sony

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Pokémon Go Coming To Apple Watch

Photo: Apple

Niantic Labs announced today at Apple’s event, that Pokémon Go will soon be available on the Apple Watch. Cool features on the watch app will include; telling players how far they will have to walk to hatch an egg. Required experience points till the next level, and additional information about the player’s fitness. The Apple Watch app will also let players see when a Pokémon appears, and when a Pokéstop is nearby, without looking at their smartphones. Pokémon Go is set to be released on the Apple Watch sometime this year.

This announcement leaves me with some questions. Could the Apple Watch app replace any need for the Pokémon go plus? (If it ever hits shelves.) Will Niantic release the app on android watches? As an android user, this could convince me to invest in an apple watch. Being able to not constantly be looking at my phone while walking, and playing Pokémon Go would be a big plus. Let us know what you think of the announcement. Would you use it? Does it make you consider buying an Apple Watch?  Do you think the app will come to android watches? I guess we will have to wait and see how good the Pokemon Go Plus does at the much smaller price.

Sources: Apple

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Another Species Taken Off Endangered List

Most Humpback Whales taken off endangered list

Earlier this week, we talked about how the Giant Panda was no longer on the endangered list. Well even more good news this week for all animal lovers. Most Humpback Whales join the Giant Panda, and have been taken off the endangered list. All Humpback Whales were listed as endangered by the US Government back in 1970. Commercial whaling was the cause of the dwindling number of humpback whales.

However nowadays Humpback Whales are grouped into 14 distinct populations. After a scientific review, nine of those populations no longer need to be on the endangered list. Angela Somma, Chief of the Endangered Species Division, said that “Most of the Humpback Whale populations have increased, and increased substantially from where they were.”

Whales still considered endangered include populations in Central America, off northwest Africa, in the Arabian sea, and in the western north pacific, and a population near Mexico. For the Whales that are no longer considered endangered, nothing will change. They will still be covered under the Marine Mammal Protection Act and under the International Whaling Commission Moratorium on hunting them. This was imposed in 1982, and will remain in effect.

Somma said “That many of the day-to-day protections and activities will continue to occur.” Officials have filed regulations about how close a vessel can come to whales, and about maintaining proper distance. Collisions with ships are a danger to whales. They also face fear of getting tangled in ships nets. There have been 40 reports off the west coast just the first half of this year.

A humpback whale surfaces next to a boat off the coast of Gloucester, Massachusetts.
(Elise Amendola/Associated Press)

Just like the Giant Pandas, international efforts have succeeded in saving another species from certain extinction. Hopefully efforts like this can continue, and the rest of the Humpback Whale population can follow, and even more endangered animals join the formally endangered family.

Sources: Associated Press

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The Giant Panda Is No Longer Endangered

The Giant Panda Is No Longer Endangered

Good News And Bad News For Animal Lovers

The Giant Panda population has rose 17 percent from 2004 to 2014, allowing the IUCN to downgrade from endangered to vulnerable. The Giant Panda population in the wild in China has grown from 1,596 in 2004 to 1,864 in 2014.  An intensive campaign to save them has been underway since the 1970’s.

The trading of panda skins was banned in 1981, and a wildlife protection law was enacted in 1988. The law banned poaching and conferred the highest protected status to the panda. The Chinese government even partnered with international nongovernmental organizations and Zoos to spread research and conservation, and breeding efforts. Recently 19-year-old Lun-Lun gave birth to twins at the Atlanta Zoo.

However, the rise in the Panda population in the China wild seems to come from reforestation and forest protection efforts. However, climate change still threatens 35 percent of the bamboo Habitat. Which is why the Giant Panda is now listed as vulnerable, with the chance of extinction.

WWF Director General Marco Lambertini said “The recovery of the Panda shows that when science, political will, and engagement of local communities come together, we can save wildlife and also improve biodiversity.”

However even with the good news about the Giant Panda, there are still so many species at risk. Climate change is a serious threat. However the pandas are a good example of how we can all come together to save others species.

Sources: IUCN

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Sony Jumpstarts Mobile Gaming Division

PokEmon Go causing Sony to aggressively pursue Mobile Gaming

Sony has been watching Nintendo’s success with the immensely popular Pokemon Go App. Sony Chief Executive Kaz Hiarai said that Sony will be “Aggressively getting into” mobile gaming. He should have said, again.

Hiarari told the Financial Times at the IFA consumer electronics expo in Berlin that “It’s quite a shift from being just a console-based business to being on mobile phones as well.”

This marks another console maker to reluctantly pursue the platform of mobile gaming. Nintendo had also been resistant for years, before Miitomo, and now Pokemon Go this year. It should be noted, however, that Nintendo is part owner of the company that made Pokemon Go. Also the Pokemon Go Plus device that they made to go with the app, has yet to hit shelves.

Sony in the past has had a handheld device called the PlayStation Portable and even an Xperia smartphone line. It seems that Sony will use the Apps, not to make money, but to sell more consoles and games with them. Sony even tried cross platform development using it’s Vita handheld and Android games, and announced it would leave mobile gaming in 2015.

Sony established ForwardWorks Corporation in March of 2016, which will make apps based on PlayStation games, and characters.

As someone who has played PlayStation Games since the PS1, I am looking forward to seeing what Sony has in store for us mobile gamers.

Sources: SCEI Press Release

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Pokemon Go Buddy System

Pokemon Go Buddy System

The ever popular Pokémon Go app will be getting a new update soon. This update will add Buddy Pokémon to the game. The Buddy Pokémon system will make it easier and more fun to evolve a Pokémon of your choosing.

According to a post made on Pokémon Go creator Niantic’s Facebook page: A player will be able to pick one Pokémon to be their buddy. You can also change this Pokémon at any time to another Pokémon. Buddy Pokémon earn candy as they walk. They will walk alongside the player. So the more you walk, the more candy your buddy will earn. Which means they can evolve faster. (However it is unknown at this time, just how much candy they earn.)

All Pokémon that a player has caught, will be eligible to become a Buddy Pokémon. This feature will help take out the tedious work out of catching multiples of one Pokémon just to obtain candy for evolution.

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